Nimogin Malyy placer gold deposit is located in the Zeyskiy district of the Amur region. Economy-wise, the region is considered underdeveloped. The leading industries are forest exploitation, agriculture, gold mining and commercial hunting.

The landscape of the licensed area presents a Late Cretaceous Paleogenic plain of subaerial denudation. The plain is gently-undulating. The Nimogin Malyy stream continues down to 13 km.

Extensive development of the alluvium is conditioned by the location of the region within the limits of the Amur-Zeya sag (divided into the Kivdin, Buzuli, Sazanov and Belogorsk suites). Marine and continental formations of the Mesozoic age serve as the foundation for the alluvium. Alluvium of the Cenozoic age is formed by sand, clay, siltstone, gravel and kaoline sandy loam.

The licensed area is located within the boundaries of the Umlekan gold-bearing cluster of the Zeya-Selemdzhin gold-bearing region.

Reserves of the placer gold deposit amount to approximately 2,3 tonnes.

Total area – 20,4 sq. km.