CEO of ROSSZOLOTO Corporate groupKhachatryan Araik Aramaisovich has been the sole owner and shareholder of ROSSZOLOTO Corporate group since November 19, 2008.

The total experience of managing a gold mining business accounts for approximately 17 years. Mining education is essential to manage a gold-mining company. Theoretical knowledge together with seventeen years of experience enables Araik Khachatryan to design the best possible gold production techniques taking into account geological properties of each given gold mine. His business skills and gold mining expertise facilitated expansion of ROSSZOLOTO Corporate group. A steady increase in the number of gold mining licenses immediately leads to creation of new blue-collar jobs, which definitely has a positive socio economic impact on the region.

Significantly, the Corporate Group is an autonomous organization. It does not depend on any state investment. The director of the Corporate Group is not involved into any political activities, since his interests lie beyond politics.