One of the Group's main priorities is protection of the environment from possible negative impact of gold production works. Thus, we take into consideration both economic and ecological factors at implementation of our projects.

One of the key resources of the gold mining industry is water, which makes it a relevant aspect in our environmental protection policy. The Group holds water licenses for all its projects. The documents specify the exact amount of water permitted for use and the place of water intake. Pit water undergoes purification before being discharged. We use recycled water, which significantly decreases the volumes of water demand from local bodies of water. Besides, we regularly monitor the condition of water in order to take timely measures aimed at improving its quality.

Another relevant document is the Forest exploitation plan, specifying recultivation of lands disturbed by gold mining works. In compliance with the document we conduct plantation to ensure reforestation and save biological diversity of the areas where we conduct gold mining works.

Each project of the Group undergoes critical scrutiny of regulating authorities, which results in granting permits and licenses for exploration, mining and construction works and water use.

Environmental safety policy of ROSSZOLOTO Corporate group is:

  • strict compliance with all the laws and regulations of the Russian Federation;
  • application of modern methods of environmental quality monitoring;
  • informing and training employees in terms of environmental safety.

Zeyskiy district of the Amur region