Our socio economic development program is aimed at increasing the well-being of people living both in the areas where our gold mines are located and the population of the region in general.

Obviously, job security has a positive socio economic effect. Together with expansion of the Group, its ability to provide a greater number of workplaces is growing, which means a steady viable income and confidence about the future for a greater number of people.

We patronize construction and operation of religious buildings and healthcare facilities. In particular, hospital in Zeya town (the town is in the district where the Group's gold mines are located) receives financial support from the Group on a regular basis. The Group took part in construction of Saint Luke's Church in the city of Barnaul.

Who else can possibly need attention and participation as much as orphans? Representatives of our company regularly visit orphanages of the Amur region on national holidays bringing joy and gifts to the children.

We consider it extremely important to support organizations that help bring up new generations. The Group has been a sponsor of martial arts championships and contests, including the Kyokushin Karate World Championship. Here is what Khachatryan Araik, the CEO of ROSSZOLOTO Corporate group, says about the work of the Kyokushin World Union:

"Kyokushin World Union is more than just sport events. Actually, these people make an invaluable contribution into new generations. It is common knowledge that sport creates an excellent foundation for a strong spirit in a strong and healthy body. I experienced first-hand the positive influence of sport on all spheres of life. Doing karate facilitated development of valuable personality traits – discipline, perseverance and determination. Thus, supporting the work of Kyokushin World Union, we support youngsters in their aspiration to grow personally and reach new heights!"