One of our priorities is to create operational comfort for each employee.

We are interested in hiring the best specialists, so we are ready to issue an invitation for an applicant from any region of our huge country. We use our best endeavors to provide our employees with everything they need for efficient work.

Our office in Blagoveshchensk town is equipped with the essential office appliances; stationery is regularly supplied. Well-reasoned enquiries to renew some of the equipment get approval of the executive management. There is a canteen on the ground floor where employees have a proper lunch prepared with high-quality local food. On the territory of the Group's facility there is a corporate gym. It is open for employees Monday to Sunday. An experienced general physician keeps an eye on every employee’s health. We care about the health and well-being of our staff!

Blue-collar employees spend the season at production facilities in the Zeyskiy district. They have three proper meals a day, live in heated quick-erect buildings and are supplied with industrial clothing at the expense of the Group. Besides, the Group organizes the transfer from the office in Blagoveshchensk to a production facility in the Zeyskiy district. On each gold mine there is a doctor, which is essential for such remote places.

Advantages of working for us:

  • regular income
  • end of year bonuses
  • social security
  • comfortable conditions
  • meals at the expense of the company
  • opportunity to go in for sport.