• work experience over 2 years
  • work experience on placer gold mines
  • proficiency in the following fields:
    • application, arrangement, operating principles of exploited giant nozzles, instruments, valves, high pressure flights, pulp lines and water pipe lines
    • the essentials of subsoil
    • technical characteristics of giant nozzles, rules of their disassembly, assembly, installation and adjustment
    • causes of fault in the operation of giant nozzles and ways of rectification
    • the essentials of hydraulics, operating rules of giant nozzles


  • operate a giant nozzle, wash mine rocks in washing plants
  • sustain the required pulp consistency
  • ensure a smooth washaway, the required direction and pressure of the water jet
  • install and dismantle washing plants
  • supervise operation of washing plants, pulp lines and water pipe lines, dispose of inappropriate items
  • perform technical service and repair of giant nozzles and washing plants


  • seasonal work (April-October)
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